Mike Grant Decals 1/48 P-47 Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken

Just to show that one doesn't have to be one of the 'big boys', Mike Grant has produced a super sheet for WWII P-47 Thunderbolts. This sheet is available in both 1/48 and 1/72, though this is the 1/48 version. It provided markings for three early P-47Ds. From the look of it, none have wing pylons and use the early Curtiss-Electric prop. I'm sure that T-bolt enthusiasts can fill in those blanks. The sheet is designed for the Tamiya kit, and all of them are in OD over neutral grey.

First is 'Wicked Wacker Weegie' from the 61 FS/56 FG flown by Lt. Robert Rankin. It has a red forward cowling, spinner and rudder.

From the 378 FS/361 FG comes 'Devil May Care' as flown by Lt. Morris Williams. Original scheme is white cowling with white ID tail stripes. Later, the unit painted the forward cowling yellow.

Finally is 'Shiverless', both with and without the name. This 375 FS/361 FG aircraft is offered in both white and yellow cowling motifs. The yellow cowling carries the name while both have the nose art. It also carries white tail ID stripes.

As with most Mike Grant Decals, this one is ALPS printed, which provides superb colors and resolution, but makes the decal prone to scratches. Only very mild setting solutions should be used to prevent damage to the inks. Common markings are provided for one aircraft.

These decals can be purchased direct from the source at the link below.

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals. Thanks for your support.

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