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Scott Van Aken



Often considered the plane that won the war in the Pacific, the B-29 Superfortress nearly never made it into combat. Early aircraft were plagued with problems to its gun sighting equipment and engines. In fact, engine fires were considerable in early planes and many a crew worried more about that than the enemy. Initially designed to operate from Chinese bases, the lack of proper logistical support for such an aircraft, the Japanese offensive of 1944 and the capture of the Marianas Islands made the move to Guam, Rota, and Tinian a logical move for the 20th AF and their heavies.

While I'm sure that the 5th AF's  Liberators, with nearly as much range, could have done a proper job of bombing Japan, it was the B-29 that eventually performed that task. Besides the Liberator didn't have a large enough bomb bay for the nuclear bombs that eventually frightened the Japanese enough to sue for peace. The B-29 continued as the big stick well through Korea and eventually a number of them were turned into tankers for the B-50 force until supplanted by the KC-97. That finally allowed the remnants to be cut up or used as targets on bombing ranges.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of people, one of these bombing range B-29s was salvaged and brought back to flying condition. It is the pride of the Confederate Air Force's huge fleet of war birds and can often be seen at air shows around the country.

Mike Grant has once again felt the pulse of where modeling is going and has produced a superb sheet for the  Minicraft kit. I'm sure it would fit just about any other 1/144 B-29.

First is from the 497 BG on Saipan in 1945. 'Special Delivery' has the older A 'squared' tail marking.

Next is 'Southern Comfort' from the 19 BG based at Kadena in 1951 for operations over Korea.

Finally, a black bottomed WWII aircraft from the 313 BW 'El Pajaro De La Guerra' with large red bands on the engine cowlings and a 'circle R' tail mark.

With the increase in the number of 1/144 military kits on the shelves, you can bet that you'll see more aftermarket stuff for these kits. Generally the first to hit the shelves are decals and these are superbly printed on an Alps. They are sure to do well so if you want a set, you can get them via the link below.

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals. Thanks for your support.

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