Fundekals 1/144 Vulcan B.2
Unit: Wright Field


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Scott Van Aken

It has been a while (as in May of 2012) since I last had the opportunity to review a set of Fundekals and I have to say that this set is one that should get a lot of modelers interested in obtaining a set. The set comes with two sheets. One sheet has the serial numbers of every Vulcan B.2 that ever flew for the nose gear door. The other sheet has one of each type of roundels that were carried as well as a full set of data markings. Serial numbers are also supplied that fit on the fin and these are both in black and in light blue.

The decal sheet itself is superbly printed and show no errors in registration. Since this is 1/144, you will be using either the resin kit that has been done or the Pit Road/GWH injected plastic version. These decals do not come with instructions and require you to download them from their web site. They come in .pdf format and provide markings placement guides for 26 different aircraft. The instructions are in full color and give upper and lower camo schemes where required. They also provide a full data placement guide for the different schemes. Notes are provided for those aircraft powered by different engines and those adapted for different missions, as there were differences between Vulcans. Finally, the instructions have a number of very nice photos, many of them in full color. In case you are wondering about the RNZAF roundel, that was a zap.

In all, a great sheet that will be much appreciated by the Vulcan modeler who wants to do something aside from what comes in the kit box.

Thanks to Fundekals for the review sheet. You can find this set at this link

December 2013

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