Fundekals 1/72 F-47D-40 Thunderbolt
Unit: Wright Field


$3.00 from


Scott Van Aken

Another of Fundekals new subjects is this F-47D that was based at Wright Field. Its job was to be in the air to move civilian aircraft out of the test area as not all USAF test flying had moved to the Mojave and much was still done in Ohio. It is a standard F-47D-40 but without guns or rocket rails. It does have the fin fillet so you are somewhat limited in kits in 1/72 to Revell or perhaps Tamiya.

Standard markings with the pre-USAF buzz number under the wing. The sheet is very nicely printed with minimal clear around the decals. You will need to get insignia and any data markings from some other source or the kit as this sheet contains only the unique markings, but at such a low price, I doubt if anyone will complain.

This sheet is also available in 1/48 scale for those who wish to model in that scale. As with all their releases, the placement guide that comes with a short history and photos of the aircraft, is available on their website.

Thanks to Fundekals for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website.

May 2012

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