Fundekals 1/48 IDF Spitfires
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Scott Van Aken

This is another super sheet from Fundekals. This time it covers 13 different Spitfire IXs as operated by the Israeli Defense Force in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The primary squadron operating these planes was 101 Squadron. This unit had the white and red stripes on the rudder. So most of the markings are from this unit. There are also planes from 105 Squadron with black and yellow stripes as well as 107 Squadron with blue and white stripes. Most of the options are for Spitfire IXe versions and most of them have clipped wings.

A variety of camouflage schemes are also offered on these planes, including the all black Spitfire of Ezer Weizman that has been prominent on other sheets. 

The decal sheet itself is superbly printed and show no errors in registration. It does provide common markings so you can model a number of the planes on the sheet. While no kit is specified modelers are not lacking in options including ICM, Hasegawa and Eduard, to name a few.

 What makes these decals somewhat different is that they do not come to you with instructions and require you to download them from their web site. They come in .pdf format and provide markings placement guides for a ton of different aircraft. The instructions are in full color and give upper and lower camo schemes where required.

In all, a great sheet that really expands the number of options for this aircraft. 

Thanks to Fundekals for the review sheet. You can find this set at Fundekals web site. 

October 2014

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