FreightDog Decals FSD 72-008: Post war RAF Spitfires

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

I believe this is the first sheet I've had a chance to review from FreightDog Models. The sheet covers 10 different post war RAF Spitfires in several different schemes. The sheet itself is printed by Fantasy Printshop so you know it is of high quality. It seems as if they have done the instruction booklet as well. Each page has complete information on a single scheme and that includes the camouflage colors and the various paint companies that provide each shade. This also has the markings placement guide and a listing of available kits that can be used with each option. Frankly, this is the way all decal sheets should be if there are multiple variations. The down side is that it isn't practical to show all the profiles as that would take ten additional scans. The six options on the cover of the booklet are representative of the various schemes.

From the booklet, the first option is LA 328, a Spitfire 21 from 600 Squadron RAuxAF in 1947 in wartime camo.

In the same scheme is Spitfire IXc, PV120 of 208 Squadron in Palestine during 1945. This one has a Mediterranean Blue underside.

TB 287 of 612 Sq RAuxAF is a clipped wing Spitfire XIVe from 1950 in unpainted metal.

Moving to 1945 is Douglas Bader's Spitfire IXc as operated during the BOB flypast in wartime camo.

Another unpainted Spitfire, this time a PR.19, is PM 574 of 81 Squadron, based in Malaya during 1947.

In the more often seen PRU blue is Spitefire PR. 19 of the PRU at Benson in 1948.

Yet another blue PR.19 is from 41 squadron, also at Benson in 1948.

With a black wing leading edge and unpainted airframe is Spitfire PR.XI of C flight at Heliopolis in 1946.

The last two are both unpainted Spit IXc, based in Palestine in 1946/47. One is with 208 Squadron and the other with 32 Squadron. Both have black anti-glare panels.

In all, an excellent sheet for the Spitfire fan.

Thanks to for the review sheet and hopefully they will send others.

October 2009

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