Fritz Decal 1/32 He-162A-2 part 1
Units: JG 1




Scott Van Aken


The new Revell AG 1/32 He-162A has brought forth a number of new decal sheets for it. A rather amazing number when you consider that it only operated with one unit. However, the plane fascinates all and here is another entrant into the field. This one may well be the best of the batch. It includes seven different aircraft, all from JG 1. In fact according to the sheet, this is just part one so there is at least another sheet to come.

This sheet was printed by Cartograf, so you know that the colors are going to be vibrant and the printing first rate. This sheet comes from the same folks that brought you the decals for the Revell 1/72 U-boat. This means that each scheme was thoroughly researched for accuracy. As difficult as it is to judge colors from a black and white image, Fritz Decal has done as good a job as any and there are a few differences between this sheet and earlier ones in terms of some of the colors of the unique markings. Thanks to the design of the instruction booklet, it is impossible to show all the different markings in profile form, so I've chosen Yellow 11 to highlight. As you can see, all parts of the airframe are shown and the location of the various insignia and data markings are clearly shown. A short history of the aircraft is also given. The color letters correspond to a chart on the front cover that provides RLM numbers and generic names.

Overall, this is an excellent sheet. If you are considering the building of the Revell AG kit, you could find no better sheet to use.

Review decal courtesy of Fritz Decals. You can find this new sheet at many internet and mail order retailers. If your hobby shop doesn't carry it, ask them to order it for you. There is no specific sheet number, just Fritz Decals  He 162A-2 part 1

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