Freightdog Models FSD72-011: RAF Post War Collection #1

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Scott Van Aken

 Moving to 1/72 scale for the moment, this latest Freightdog Decals sheet has six markings options for various post war RAF units. The camouflage of choice on most of these is High Speed Silver, which does make things easier to paint and looks nice as well. The sheet includes all the roundels you'll need for each subject. Data markings will need to come from the kit decal sheet.

First up is a Meteor F.8 of Wing Commander Shaw and has the markings of all three units in the wing; 19, 72 and 85 Squadrons. Church Fenton in 1957. Please note that this aircraft has the large intakes.

For #2 we go to a Tempest F.5 as flown by Squadron Leader Macfie of 3 Squadron based in Germany during 1946/47. A nice green spinner on this one.

Third option is a Brigand T.5, complete with yellow trainer bands and red engine spinners. This is from 238 OCU in 1958.

The Spitfire F.21 is with an ancillary unit, 3 Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit in 1950. A red spinner adds some color to this aircraft.

Option #5 is an 80 Squadron Hornet F.3 from Kai Tak, Hong Kong in 1954. Note that there is a small addendum sheet to replace the mis-marked one on the sheet.

Finally the lone camouflaged aircraft, a Beaufighter TF.X from 45 Squadron operating in Malaya during 1949.

Freightdog's instructions are superb and in full color. Four view drawings are provided along with a number of different sources for the paint. About the only thing missing is a listing of any conversion sets. Perhaps this is due to the somewhat ephemeral nature of many aftermarket bits, so that may be a wise decision to keep people from pestering shop owners for items long out of production.

Anyway, this is a superb decal sheet and if any of the subjects pique your interest, then this is the sheet for you. You can get yours direct from the link below.

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