Freightdog Models FSD48-008: Post War Seafires
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This sheet includes options for nine different Fleet Air Arm Seafires, including marks XV, XVII, FR.46 and 47. They are designed for the new Airfix Mk.XVII and re-issued Mk.46/47 kits. Note that a Mk.XV can also be made by cross kitting the Airfix Spitfire Mk.XII and Seafire XVII, although some scratch building will be required.

All of the options included on the sheet are in the EDSG/Sky scheme unless mentioned otherwise.

First is a Mk.XVII SX311/167 of 1833 RNVR 1952. This aircraft has a red spinner.

Second is a Mk.XVII SX159/102 of 1831 RNVR 1946. This has a red spinner with a yellow band and is in the Temperate camouflage scheme.

Third option is an FR.47 VP480/180 of 800 NAS on HMS Triumph 1950. This aircraft sports Korean War stripes on the fuselage and wings.

Fourth is another Mk.XVII SX370/HF of 728 Sqn Hal-Far 1950. High Speed Silver with yellow trainer bands on this one.

Number five is a Mk.XV PR419/107 of 790 NAS 1946. This Seafire also has the Temperate Camouflage scheme and wears a blue spinner.

For the next option we have a Mk.XVII SX235/101 of 1831 RNVR in 1951. This plane has a red spinner with a yellow band.

Aircraft number seven is the lone FR.46 LA545/110 of 1833 RNVR in 1948. It features the Temperate camo scheme and a yellow spinner.

Next to last is a Mk.XV SR572/112 of 1832 RNVR in 1949. A yellow spinner is this planes lone color option.

Finally, another Temperate scheme  Mk.XV,  PR474/6-11aboard HMS Glory touring Australia in 1946. This has the BFP roundel on the fuselage only.

With so many options provided, there are no D type roundels, which you can get from the various Airfix kits. Same goes for the data markings. There are enough other insignia for two options. I've been informed that this is  is a limited edition with initial print run of only 200 sheets.

Freightdog's instructions are superb and in full color. Four view drawings are provided along with a number of different sources for the paint. About the only thing missing is a listing of any conversion sets. Perhaps this is due to the somewhat ephemeral nature of many aftermarket bits, so that may be a wise decision to keep people from pestering shop owners for items long out of production.

Anyway, this is a superb decal sheet and if any of the subjects pique your interest, then this is the sheet for you. You can get yours direct from the link below.

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