Freightdog Models FSD48-007: RAF Over Malaya 1948-55

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Scott Van Aken

Freightdog Decals have been producing some excellent decal sheets in the last year or so. One of their latest is this one on three subjects from the various conflicts in Malaya in which the British and RAF were involved during the post war years.

This set includes markings for three different aircraft including one that is rather special. The markings themselves are superbly printed and Freightdog has been wise enough to include the center part of the roundel and unit badges as a separate item to ensure no worries on registration issues. The sheet is also rather large, measuring about 8 x 8 inches, so this isn't a tiny sheet by any means.

First up is a Mosquito PR.34 with 81 Squadron in overall aluminum lacquer with red spinners. This aircraft has the honor of the last operational Mosquito flight in the RAF, which occurred in December of 1955. The Tamiya B. XVI kit is recommended with the addition of conversion bits to make the PR.34

Next is a Canberra B.6, also in overall aluminum lacquer (or High Speed Silver if you will). This aircraft was with 101 Squadron and also from 1955. Some small mods will have to be done to make a B.6 and the Airfix B.2 kit is the basis.

Finally a nice Beaufighter TF.X with 45 Squadron in 1948. This is in standard RAF camouflage from WWII minus the yellow leading edges of the wings. The Tamiya kit is recommended and this one can be built without any modifications.

Freightdog's instructions are superb and in full color. Four view drawings are provided along with a number of different sources for the paint. About the only thing missing is a listing of any conversion sets. Perhaps this is due to the somewhat ephemeral nature of many aftermarket bits, so that may be a wise decision to keep people from pestering shop owners for items long out of production.

Anyway, this is a superb decal sheet and if any of the subjects pique your interest, then this is the sheet for you. You can get yours direct from the link below.

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