Fantasy Printshop Stripes, Part 1
SHEET: FP 600-613
PRICE: 4.95
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

When I started to really get involved in model building, I liked to use letter/number/insignia sheets a lot to produce a model that wasn't part of the kit markings or an aftermarket sheet. One other accessory decal sheet I used a lot were stripes. Back then Scalemaster produced a number of stripes sheets that got a lot of use. However, they are no longer around and whatever decals are left from them are iffy to say the least.

Now, Fantasy Printshop fills a real need with this set of stripes decal sheets. Each sheet has a range of stripes from .25mm up to 9mm. These are also produced in a variety of colors. While the sheets image is not in any order, Here is what is available from FP 600 to FP-613:  Black, White Red Yellow FS15050 Blue, FS 15056 Blue, Fluorescent Red, BRG, Silver, Gold, Light Aircraft Grey, Medium Sea Grey, Dark Sea Grey, and Extra Dark Sea Grey.

Well worth picking up several sheets as these are not only useful for airplane modelers, but car modelers, ship modelers, and even those who do trains will find these to be quite handy. I know that I'll be using some of these on some of my slot car repaints.

Review sheet courtesy of Fantasy Printshop. They are available direct at  .

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