Fantasy Printshop 1/72 Late WWII US Insignia
PRICE: 4.95
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the insignia sheets from Fantasy Printshop, we have another for 1/72 modelers. It is the style used by the US military from September 1943 until January 1947 when the red bar was added.

These sheets are quite useful if the kit decals are poorly done or the wrong size. This sheet is identical to the earlier version in terms of numbers and size. There are at least four insignia in each size. These are 60", 50", 43", 40", 35", 30", 25", 20" and 14".

The markings are very nicely printed and have no registration issues. It seems that they have the proportions correct, something that has been an issue with some other decal companies.

A most useful sheet and one that will come in handy.

May 2014

Review sheet courtesy of Fantasy Printshop. They are available direct at  .

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