Fantasy Printshop 1/32 Rocket and Missile Bands
PRICE: 11.95 per sheet
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

From Fantasy Printshop, a very useful sheet for large scale jet modelers. This is a series of bands for missiles and rockets. These come in a variety of colors including white, blue, brown, yellow, green, and black. The most widely used are the yellow and brown ones. These are also in a variety of widths from .9mm to 2.2mm. The width you will use depends on the weapon on which they are placed. Not all colors have all widths, as you can see. I have used their 1/48 sheet and found it to be quite useful for those kits that do not include these markings. These are standard waterslide decals.

Review sheet courtesy of Fantasy Printshop. They are available direct at  .

March 2023

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