Fight's On Decals 48-002 A-4 Adversaries part 2 


$15.00 or so


NFWS, VF-126, VF-45

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Sized for Hasegawa kit


Generally speaking, when I build a model airplane, I'm initially inspired by a decal sheet. Then I look for a kit for which it will fit. This time around, I bought a kit (the Hobby Boss A-4E) and then went in search of a sheet. I've always been a fan of aggressor schemes, especially since it seemed that my favorite aircraft were being overcome by a sea of greys. However, most of the sheets I was seeking were out of production. Apparently the HB release did not engender a spate of new issues. Fortunately, I was able to locate this sheet from a well known Canadian source.

This is their second sheet and runs the full spectrum of time frames for the planes of the units covered. Specifically there is NFWS (Top Gun), VF-126, and VF-45. The majority of the planes here are the A-4E/F with four A-4Ms and a lone TA-4J. There are a total of 12 options, however you cannot build all of the planes from this sheet as some have been paired. Thankfully, aggressor schemes are pretty light on markings, with the paint being the main draw so if you have the will to use up all of the 'blocks' on the sheet, you can do 9 planes. From the look of things there are also four sets of data markings, minimal though they are. The only thing I would have liked to have seen included are the wing walk areas, though I do admit that would have required either a second sheet or a reduction in the options. Besides, only three of the options actually had them.

Instructions are very nicely done and offer both upper and lower paint schemes in addition to the right and left sides. The color information is all FS595 references so you can use any paint company that provides those. There are also notes on each option where appropriate. In addition to very nicely printed instructions, they are on heavy stock paper so will hold up through a lot of handling. As with a goodly number of other aftermarket sheets, this one is printed by Cartograf.

January 2018

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