Fightertown Decals 48-026: Fightertown Scooters

Units: VF-126 and NFWS




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet is on one of my favorite subjects; aggressor Skyhawks. There are eight different subjects on the sheet (you can actually build seven), a relatively easy task as aggressor planes are known for their interesting paint schemes and are pretty basic when it comes to markings. In the case of this sheet, that means nose numbers, serials, and fin badges are pretty much it.

Another reason I like the sheet is that I've personally photographed seven of the eight options, and probably at the same time as those images used for this sheet. Many of you will have seen some of these before in MM. Those were taken in the 1991-93 time frame. One plane, the 'Banana Slug' was photographed in 1983, a time when I was overseas.

The sheet provides full color four-views of each scheme along with the FS numbers used on the aircraft. As the planes got older, it was not uncommon to see darker touchups applied over faded shades, so don't feel that these all have to be pristine. In addition to the various camo shades, the modeler will need to paint the walkways on those planes that have them. The instructions provide that information as well as other details such as proper antennas and other locations. As these are ACM aircraft, no guns are installed in any of them and except for the lone A-4M, no avionics hump is on any of the single seat aircraft. One of the aircraft is a Super Fox and has the M style fin antenna. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to find this item unless you rob it from an M kit and build that one as an early A-4M before it was installed on the fleet. I should also point out that one option has slats in grey. This seems to have been a commonly replaced item as I can recall several of the planes having grey slats during my several visits.

During my last visit before I left the service and San Diego, the fleet at VF-126 was being repainted. A look on the flight line showed most of the planes either the standard TPS scheme or in the scheme of TA-4J #14. This included the A-4Ms and few A-4E/Fs that were still around.

If you look at the header image, the two lower planes are NFWS aircraft, both nose #50. This is the option of which you can only do one of the two planes unless you rob the serial and insignia and some other markings from one of the other options. The rest are all from VF-126 at certain times. For a while, each of the VF-126 planes had the flag of a 'bad guy' nation on the fin, but that didn't last long.

Typical of what I've seen of FighterTown decals, there are a number of smaller ones with additional markings and addendums. No indication of who prints these, but they are very nicely done and if you have any interest in doing aggressor Skyhawks, this may well be worth hunting.

January 2010

My thanks to Tom Cleaver for passing along the review sheet.

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