Fighter Decals 48-001: F-15E Strike Eagle

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Scott Van Aken

I have to say that I've never heard of this decal maker and it may be that this is their only release. It is dated 2000 and they operate out of Honolulu, Hi. This sheet covers two Boss Strike Eagles in overall FS 36118. The instructions include photos of  the two aircraft as well as the usual side drawings.

First up is the 90 FS aircraft from Elmendorf, Alaska. Must have been quite a shock to move from warm, tropical Philippines when they operated F-4Gs to the chillier climes of Alaska!

The other is the 391 FS aircraft from Mountain Home, Idaho. This one has to have the fin stripes painted orange prior to the application of the tiger stripes. I think this scheme is also included in one of the Revell Strike Eagle boxings so you can perhaps borrow the tiger stripes from that kit as the kit decals are actually quite good.

The artwork for this sheet is done by Superscale and they are printed by Microscale so they are of very good quality and should be no problem to use. There are enough data markings to do one aircraft. No data placement guide is provided, so one must resort to the kit instructions for that information.

Review sheet courtesy of ME!!

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