Furball Aero-Design FPE-003: 1/48 F-4S Detail Set




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Scott Van Aken


For the Zoukei-Mura kit

This is Furball Aero-Design's third photo etch set and is designed for the Z-M F-4S Phantom II. Part of the set is for the canopies and includes in internal canopy detail as well as the hoop with mirrors. The rest of it is external. These parts are the housings for the 'slime lights' as well as a fin reinforcement plate.

The back of the card provides full instructions on the assembly and installation of the canopy frame bits. The external placement is shown on the front as you can see above.

The p.e. is superbly done and well worth picking up if you are building this variant.

 it is the first time I have seen a comprehensive fret like this before. Basically, what you have here are multiple variations of ALE-45/47 flare/chaff dispensers. This 1/48 set is applicable to a wide variety of more modern aircraft (no, you can't put them on your P-47) and come in a variety of styles. Check your references for which every ones apply to the model you are building.

Well worth the small investment as these look tons better than decals and can be used to enhance the kit parts.

November 2017

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