Furball Aero-Design FMS-023: MiG-31 Canopy and Wheel Hub Mask Set



Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Vinyl Mask set for AMK 1/48 kit

Vinyl masks are very popular with modelers who want a sure-fire way to mask model canopies. Though there are other methods, these sets will pretty much guarantee that you'll do the job properly without worries about scratching the parts. This set is for the AMK 1/48 MiG-31 Foxhound and includes a full set of wheel hub masks as well. These latter bits are the ones I find very useful as often wheels can be difficult to paint.

I would show the actual sheet, but all you'd see is a green-grey rectangle! In all, a most welcome accessory and one that you should seriously consider on your next order from Furball.

March 2016

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Review sheet courtesy of http://furballaero-design.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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