Furball Aero-Design 48-039: F-35 Anthology Part 2



Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Ten options

This next sheet from Furball Aero-Designs continues with the F-35 theme, this time concentrating on the F-35B and F-35C variants for the Navy, Marines and the British Navy. Again, the only kit for this plane in this scale so far is by Kitty Hawk. The planes are all painted the same, which is FS 36170 and FS 36270 for which there is no ready mix paint.

The first two options are with the USMC training outfit, VMFAT-501. You get both a Squadron Commander's plane and a standard line bird. Note that this unit has the markings and tail code that was with VMFA-451 before it was disestablished.

Next, with the MV tail code, is a plane of VMX-22 that is based at Edwards AFB.

The fourth plane is one that is with VMFA-121 based at Yuma, CA.

Fifth is another Marine plane, but this one is based with the 461st FLTS at Edwards AFB.

Two options are provided for planes with VFA-101 at Eglin AFB. One is a squadron commander's plane and the other a standard line bird. The DoD is keeping all its training and test assets at the same bases, hence Navy and Marine units on Air Force installations.

The next two are both with the Strike Directorate, or VX-23 at NAS Patuxent River. One has some color in it while the other is a regular line bird.

Finally, a Royal Navy plane that is also based at Eglin AFB, where FAA pilots will get their initial training.

The decals are superbly done by cartograf and supply enough stencil data to produce two models. Full stencil placement information for both the B and C version are provided. A very nice sheet for what is a growing number of aircraft.

February 2015

Review sheet courtesy of http://furballaero-design.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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