Furball Aero-Design 48-037: USMC Intruders



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Scott Van Aken


Thirteen options

This next sheet from Furball Aero-Designs continues with the A-6 Intruder. This time the set concentrates on USMC aircraft, all from the light gull grey over white era. Note that those planes from about 1972 onward will have the light gull grey in a gloss instead of the earlier flat scheme. The sheet is from the A-6A/E versions and is sized for the Hobby Boss kit. Many of the markings could probably be used with the Revell A-6E or even perhaps the Fujimi A-6A, but no guarantees.

As with their other decal sheets, there enough common markings and insignia to do two planes. This also includes two different colors of wing walk areas. The instructions are superlative and include not only information on each subject, but also a load-out diagram and a stencil placement guide. The decals themselves are superbly done by Cartograf, so you know you are getting one of the best.

Six different squadrons are covered on this sheet as markings change rather frequently in USN/USMC squadrons.

First unit is VMA(AW)-121, which is represented by an A-6E from 1977. This aircraft has a white fin/rudder and a very colorful tail marking. Note that none of the A-6Es are shown with the FLIR turret under the radome.

VMA(AW)-224 has two aircraft. First, with the blue fin/rudder, is an A-6E from 1976. The second option limits the color to the rudder and is an A-6A from 1974. Note that many A-6Es were rebuilt A-6A airframes so may have the perforated dive brakes as in the first 224 option.

An A-6A from VMA(AW)225 is next. This plane was based at DaNang in 1969. This unit was subsequently disestablished for many years and the reestablished with the F-18D.

The lone VMA-AW)-242 option is the next aircraft. This is an A-6A from the 1977 time frame. This plane has additional artwork on the fuel tanks.

Next we have three options from VMA(AW)-332. The first has a red wedge on the fin and is an A-6E from 1978. This aircraft has black walkway areas on the spine. The second option has a nicely done rudder marking and is a alter A-6A from 1971 at Cherry Point. Finally, entering the low vis era is an A-6E from 1983.

The rest of the sheet is for VMA(AW)-533 aircraft. The first option is the plainest and has a black radome. This A-6A is from 1966 at DaNang and has mission markings on the engine intake. Next, with the hawk design that was used for many years is an A-6A based at Nam Phong in Thailand during 1972, as is the next option which is for a plane that was lost during an armed recce. With the three white swooshes on the rudder is an A-6A based at Iwakuni during 1973. The final option has the white checkers on the rudder and is an A-6E from 1978.

Note that many of these options had unit colors on the fuel tank noses or fins or both, while others had none.

It is a great sheet and very much worth picking up.

January 2014

Review sheet courtesy of http://furballaero-design.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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