Furball Aero-Design 48-017: A-7 Canopy Framing



Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Two sets

Many if not all modern jets have a visible seal around the edges of the canopy section and the windscreen panes. These are the seal that keeps the Lexan parts in place and allows the cockpit to be fully pressurized.

Often times, these features are not included with either kit decals or aftermarket versions, requiring the modeler to paint them. This can be rather challenging to do and frequently, modelers do not bother representing these seals.

Well, now you don't have to paint them. Furball Aero-Design has provided a set for the Hasegawa A-7D/E that are in decal form. These are quite easy to apply and provide what is a rather prominent feature on these planes. You are provided two sets. If you are wondering if they will fit the Monogram A-7A kit, I seriously doubt it as the Monogram kit has some serious issues with a too wide canopy. Regarding the ESCI kit, your best bet is to foist it off on someone else as it is not a very good kit. These probably will not be an exact fit for that one either.

A great idea and one that you should seriously consider for your next Hasegawa Corsair II.

December 2014

Review sheet courtesy of http://furballaero-design.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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