Furball AeroDesign 48-074: USN Flight Suit Patches




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Scott Van Aken


Many options

One thing you notice about flight crew is that they have a fairly good number of patches on their flight suits. Usually they consist of the squadron and the type of aircraft they are flying as well as sometime others.

Something often missing from those kits that offer aircrew or aftermarket figures are these patches. So Furball AeroDesign decided to do something about it and so we have this nice sheet of patches. The vast majority of them are for F-14/18 squadrons with the generic aircraft patches all seeming to be for the Tomcat.

There are at least twelve of each design with more for the more general types. The image on the sheet cover is multiplied by three times on the actual decal sheet.

If you like to crew your planes, then this is a sheet you should seriously consider picking up.

March 2021

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