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Scott Van Aken


Many options

It has been a while since I've seen a new decal sheet for the AV-8A Harrier. With the release of this aircraft by Kinetic, Furball AeroDesign has decided to provide us one. This sheet will also fit the older Monogram kit if you have one of those in your stash. There are ten options with the majority of them being in the earlier scheme with the full color insignia. I notice that most of these are without the IFR probe, though you could easily include that in some of the other options as that item was fairly easy to install/remove.

All of these airplanes are painted in the standard scheme of the time, which is FS 34079/36173 over 36440. The lone exception is one aircraft with white in place of the dark green upper color for use in an exercise.

What you have are:

-VMA-231, AV-8A 159240, NM-601, USS F.D. ROOSEVELT, 1976 

-VMA-231 DET A, AV-8A 159258, CG-4, MCAS CHERRY POINT 1977

-VMA-513 DET A, AV-8A 159232, WF-1, MCAS IWAKUNI, 1976

-VMA-513, AV-8A 158966, WF-11, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1976

-VMA-513, AV-8A 158968, WF-5, MCAS YUMA, 1977

-VMA-542, AV-8A 158964, WH-00, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1975

-VMA-542, AV-8A 158964, WH-24, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1975

-VMA-542, AV-8C 159254, WH-12, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1986

-VX-5, AV-8C 158706, XE-27, NAS CHINA LAKE, 1981

The decals are nicely printed by Cartograf and you have enough common markings/insignia for one full color and one low-viz scheme. If you wish to do more you can always use the kit markings.

March 2021

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