Furball Decals FD 48045: Air Wing All Stars - Phantoms part 3




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This next sheet has a half dozen CAG F-4J Phantom IIs from the early 1970 time period. All are in the light gull grey over white scheme and the LGG is probably matte as poly-urethane paint wasn't used until 1972. The white was always gloss.

First up is from VF-33 in 1972 when aboard the USS Independence. This one has a white radome and a black surround to the cockpit canopies.

Next is from 1969 and is also a plane from the USS Independence. This one was with VF-41 and has a black radome and black avionics bay intake scoop.

The black tailed plane is from, of course, VF-84 when aboard the USS FDR in 1970. Black radome on this one and like some of the other schemes, there is no upper intake walk area.

From VF-92 comes the next CAG bird. This one was was the USS Constellation in 1972. Black stripe around the lower canopy and black avionics cooling scoops. In line with the other two yellow trimmed planes previously mentioned, this one has a yellow fin tip and wing tips.

The aircraft with a big diamond on the upper fuselage is with VF-102. This aircraft was with the USS Independence in 1973 and sports a white radome and red trim on wing and stab tips.

The last plane is with VF-143 during their 1974 cruise aboard the USS America. This one has blue tips to the wing, as well as the tip and leading edge of the fin. This same color is repeated on the centerline fuel tank.

While it is difficult to tell, I'm going to assume that these planes all have the slotted stabilizers as that was part of the F-4J upgrade.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and you get addendum sheets for most of the black lettering/numbers. There are enough common markings to do two aircraft from the sheet. Instructions also note any peculiarities between each aircraft and those are provided on the decal sheets. Full load-out information is also supplied. This sheet is designed for the Academy kit, but may also fit F-4Js from Hasegawa or Monogram as well, though there are no guarantees.

No real Phantom Phan should be without this sheet. It is one from which you'll easily find more than one option that you want to use.

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March 2021

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