Furball Decals FD 48016: Man Eater SLUFs




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Scott Van Aken


Designed for the Hasegawa kit

Judging by the copyright dates, this is a reprint so it obviously sold quite well. This sheet covers regular USAF A-7D units. There are nine options on this sheet. All of the aircraft have a shark mouth of some design. The 23 TFW planes (EL tail code) are in the SEA wraparound scheme. The others are in the standard SEA camouflage. While no specific kit is mentioned in the instructions (or I missed it), there are part number references that match the Hasegawa boxing. I guess you could use these on the Hobby Boss kit as well for other than perhaps the tail bands, nothing on the sheet is really kit specific.

Here is what is on the sheet:

A-7D 72-0239 354 TFS, 355TFW, "DM 239" 1978
-A-7D 72-0229 357 TFS, 355 TFW, "DM 229" 1978
-A-7D 70-0988 3 TFS, 388 TFW, "JH 988" Korat RTAB 1972
-A-7D 71-0354 354 TFW Wing King "MB 354" Korat RTAB December 1972 & June 1973 (short-live "Molar Mauler" scheme)
-A-7D 72-0223 23 TFW Wing King "EL 223"1981
-A-7D 72-017974 TFS, 23 TFW "EL 179"1980
-A-7D 71-0329 75 TFS, 23 TFW "EL 329"1980
-A-7D 72-019576 TFS, 23 TFW "EL 195"1980

The sheet provides sufficient markings to do two planes as long as one has the full color insignia and the other stenciled. Bomb and ECM pod markings are also supplied. The instructions also provide a full stencil placement guide and four view camouflage schemes where needed. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

Considering how fast the first printing sold out, you may want to snag this one soon.

August 2019

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