Furball Decals FDS 4815: F-14 Tomcat Part VII: Heater-Ferris Camouflage




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Back in the mid 1970s, the Navy and Air Force were experimenting with different camouflage schemes in an attempt to make their fighters less visible or at least to throw off the aim of opponents. The result was a series of splinter camouflage schemes in various shades of grey that were applied to a variety of aircraft. The USAF used this scheme on some F-15s, while the Navy tried them on F-4s, F-5s, and F-14s.

This sheet from Furball Aero-Design covers the Tomcats. There are seven sets of markings provided on this sheet. The majority of these units were West Coast based, though not all. Most are also fairly early aircraft.

VF-1, F-14A 158979, USS Enterprise, 1977, NK-100

VF-2, F-14A 158985, USS Enterprise, 1977, NK-200

VF-124, F-14A 159825, NAS Miramar, 1978, NJ-423

VX-4, F-14A 159828, NAS Point Mugu, 1978, XF-42

PMTC, F-14A 159828, NAS Point Mugu, 1978, PMTC-201

VF-101, F-14A 161135, NAS Oceana, 1982, AD-102

VF-1, F-14A 158979, USS Kittyhawk, 1983, NE-111

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf. Instructions are among the finest in the business, providing four view images to help in getting all the colors in the right places. The sheet is designed for the Tamiya kit, but I see no reason why most if not all shouldn't fit other 1/48 Tomcat kits.

March 2019

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