Furball Decals FDS 4814: F-14 Tomcat Part VI: VF-154




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This is another set produced in conjunction with Detail & Scale, and covers nine different aircraft. There are a variety of F-14 types on this one so you should be able to find something that meets your interest. So many Tomcat kits have been produced in 1/48 scale, that finding a kit will also not be that much of an issue.

These markings cover the full Tomcat history of VF-154, which operated the type for 20 years before moving on to the super bug.  It wasn't one of the first units to get the plane so that means a lot of TPS with a couple of overall light gull grey aircraft. Every one of these is either the CAG bird or squadron commander's plane.

“NK-101” F-14A 161612, USS Constellation, 1984

“NK-104” F-14A 161618, USS Constellation, 1987  (Bill the Cat OOP,ACK, BABY! On inside tails)

“NK-100” F-14A 161618, USS Constellation, 1989 (rainbow-tailed CAG)

“NK-101” F-14A 161612, USS Independence, 1989

“NK-111” F-14A 161598, USS Independence, 1989 (TPS-schemed line jet)

“NK-100” F-14A 161618, USS Independence, 1990 (black tail  CAG)

“NF-100” F-14A 162589, USS Independence, 1991 (TPS-schemedCAG)

“NF-100” F-14A 161270, USS Independence, 1994 (TPS CAG with full color tail markings)

“NF-100” F-14A 161621, USS Independence, 1996 (TPS CAG with blacktails and full color markings)

“NF-100” F-14A 161621, USS Independence, 1996 (TPS CAG with black tails and full color markings including special Black Knights 50th Anniversary marks)

“NF-102” F-14A 161675, USS Independence, 1996 (TPS XO jet with special Black Knights 50th Anniversary markings)

“NF-1000” F-14A 161621, “Dirk”, USS KIttyhawk, 1999 (TPS CAG with special “1000” modex)

“NF-100” F-14A 161272, “Jimmy”, USS KIttyhawk, 1999 (Black-tailed TPS CAG with large white knight markings)

“NF-101” F-14A 161272, “Tina Rose”, USS KIttyhawk, 1999 (TPS schemed CO jet)

“NF-105” F-14A 162592, “Duke”, USS KIttyhawk, 1999 (TPS schemed line jet)

“NF-103” F-14A 161293, “Mi Evy”, USS KIttyhawk, 2000 (TPS schemed line jet)

“NF-100” F-14A 161621, “Deez”, USS KIttyhawk, 2000 (TPS
schemed CAG jet with black tails and white knight logo)

“NF-101” F-14A 161276, USS KIttyhawk, 2003 (TPS schemed CO jet with OIF mission marks on the nose)

In concert with other Furball Aero-Design sheets, you will find a most complete placement guide that offers snippets of information on each aircraft. The set also includes a stencil/insignia sheet for two planes that is not shown but if you want to see it or perhaps buy extras, here is a link. As it sometimes the case, one of the sheets are a bit too big for my scanner. These sheets have historically sold out relatively quickly, so I recommend picking yours up at the earliest opportunity. 

March 2019

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