Furball Decals FDs 4810: Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcat Part 3




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Scott Van Aken


Nine options

This is another set produced in conjunction with Detail & Scale, and covers nine schemes with seven different units. This particular sheet is sized for the new Tamiya Tomcat kit. Will it fit others? Probably to some extent, but as you know, it is not infrequent that two kits in the same scale are a bit different from each other so no guarantees.

Since this is for the Tamiya kit, all the markings are such that can be used with that version. Note that the majority of the markings are in some variation of the light gull grey over white scheme. Some are as the original with the two color radome while other have the main scheme simply continuing over it. You would expect some CAG birds and so there are some. Except for the two VF-142 options, these schemes will benefit from Furball Aero-Design's  new upper wing control surface mask. All of these schemes are from the Tomcat's first years of operation and all are from east coast units.

Here is a rundown of what is on the sheet.

VF-14, F-14A 159421, USS John F. Kennedy, 1976 (AB-100)

VF-32, F-14A 159008, USS John F. Kennedy,  1976 (AB-200)

VF-41, F-14A 160379, USS Nimitz, 1976 (AJ-100)

VF-84, F-14A 159013, NAS Oceana, 1976 (AJ-200)

VF-101, F-14A 158620, NAS Oceana, 1976 (AD-144)

VF-142, F-14A 159606, USS America, 1978 (AE-201)

VF-142, F-14A 159453, USS America, 1978 (AE-204) The VF-142 planes have no white on the upper surfaces or on the fin.

VF-143, F-14A 159456, USS America, 1976 (AE-100)

VF-143, F-14A 159453, USS America, 1976 (AE-103)

The sheet contains full stencils and other markings for two planes. Walkway markings and tail hook markings are also included.

In concert with other Furball Aero-Design sheets, you will find a most complete placement guide that offers snippets of information on each aircraft. A comprehensive data placement guide is also included.

As always, an excellent sheet for the Tomcat fan. These sheets have historically sold out relatively quickly, so I recommend picking yours up at the earliest opportunity. 

November 2016

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