Furball Decals FDS 4821: USAF Super Sabres Pt.1




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Scott Van Aken


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This is another set produced in conjunction with Detail & Scale, and covers ten aircraft from three different squadrons. All of these planes are aircraft based in Vietnam during 1965 and 1966 All of them are painted overall silver laquer so you can save your metal shading skills for another time.

Some of these schemes have been seen on other decal sheets, but not for a very long time, so it is nice to have them all in one place. There is a full data/insignia sheet included that provides sufficient markings for two aircraft. For kits you have the recent Trumpeter version with its horribly misshapen intake, which would be the easiest build. Fortunately there is a replacement intake available. The other is the Monogram kit which is quite easily found. For the masochist there is the fairly horrible ESCI offering which is really best left for collectors.

Here is what is on the set:  

-461st TFS, F-100D 55-2894, BIEN HOA AB, 1965

-461st TFS, F-100D 55-3797, BIEN HOA AB, 1965

-461st TFS, F-100D 55-3604, BIEN HOA AB, 1966

-461st TFS, F-100D 55-3535, BIEN HOA AB, 1966

-307TH TFS, F-100D 56-3405, TUY HOA AB, 1966

-307TH TFS, F-100D 55-3712, TUY HOA AB, 1966

-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3054, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965

-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3063, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965

-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3285, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965

-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3055, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965

 In concert with other Furball Aero-Design sheets, you will find a most complete placement guide that offers snippets of information on each aircraft. These sheets have historically sold out relatively quickly, so I recommend picking yours up at the earliest opportunity. There are plans to do other sheets in this series so that will be most welcome.

March 2021

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