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FCM HB 72-01 Battle of Britain




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Scott Van Aken



Here is a very interesting sheet from the Brazilian company, FCM. This sheet was produced for IPMS San Jose dos Campos and offers a huge number of options. It is similar in many ways to a Sky decal sheet in that it does not offer insignia or common markings. Instead the sheet packs all the peculiar markings for specific aircraft. 

The decals themselves are very well printed, though appear to be a bit thicker than your normal Superscale or Aeromaster sheet. However, this should not take away from the sheet at all. I have used FCM sheets before in the past and found that they were opaque and reacted well to any of the setting solutions that I placed on them. 

There are over twenty aircraft on the sheet. There is a color profile for each one and the instruction sheet includes a color chart with both generic and FS 595 callouts, a real help. You can see the color profiles for the smaller aircraft above. The other sheet is mostly German and includes bombers and other large aircraft on it.

Here is a quick rundown on what's on the sheet:

In addition, there are recommended kits listed on the back of the sheet in case you cannot find one. 

Overall, a very nice sheet and one that really gives you your money's worth. There is also a 1/48 version of this sheet. If you cannot find it locally, it, as well as other interesting decal sheets,  can be obtained from North American Hobbies.

Review copy courtesy of  North American Hobbies.

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