FCM 72-20: P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: Jambock Squadron




Scott Van Aken

If you are a follower of WWII aviation, you probably know that in 1944, Brazil actively joined the war against Germany by sending units to Italy to fight with the Allies. Among them was the P-47s of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. By the time this unit reached Italy, there was little in the way of Luftwaffe to knock down so the 'Jambock' Squadron was used primarily as a ground attack unit in support of troops. They were supplied with a variety of different variants of P-47Ds, all bubble tops and some with the fin fillet. A couple were also in bare metal though most were in OD over Neutral Grey.

This sheet covers a number of aircraft, eight of them being shown on the cover and four more inside the instructions. However, the decals offer the ability to do any aircraft that you have a reference for. All the aircraft shown must have the green and yellow rudder stripes painted on.

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