FCM Decals # 48025: Staffel, Gruppe & Geschwader Markings
Units: FW-190 and Bf-109




Scott Van Aken

Often times, we pick out a kit to build and start looking at what is available in decals (well, that is the way I often do things). After going through what we have, we think "Man, it would be great if I could reproduce xxxx as I saw in this book, but none of my sheets have the proper markings." As most Luftwaffe fighters were bereft of personal markings, all one really needs are the appropriate staffel, gruppe, and geschwader markings. Finding unit badges is generally not an issue, but those arrows, bars and squiggles can be.

Well, thanks to FCM, we now have an excellent sheet that has all that stuff. Not only that, but the sheet contains a guide as to what is what, and pretty well covers everything in one place. That includes the standard and variant markings as well as staffel ID colors. Not only early but late color/staffel information as well as the bomb markings that were used on the jabo staffels as they were created in mid/late 1940. Besides the markings, there are black and white outlines so pretty much every contingency has been accounted for. To help fill up a bit of space, a selection of fuel and oil triangles have been added to the sheet.

As with other FCM sheets, this one is crisp, in perfect register, and printed by Microscale.  In all, a very useful decal sheet to add some uniqueness to your next 1/48 109 or 190 build.

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet. Visit them at the link for information on retailers carrying their sheets.

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