FCM 32016: Albatros D. III/V

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Scott Van Aken

Yet another great sheet for the Roden and Wingnut Wings Albatros D.III and D.V kits from FCM. As you can see, most of these aircraft have the unpainted wooden fuselage so that will help make for an interesting build.

There are four options and I will start with the most colorful and complex one. This is the Albatros D.V of Lt. Wolf of Jasta 5 in July 1917. The very complex fuselage checks are in multiple sections and FCM have provided a step by step placement diagram for these markings to make application less daunting. This aircraft also has a red rimmed green tail. For this, a set of vinyl masks is provided. These also have complete instructions for their use.

Next with the four check fuselage marking is the Albatros D. III ofPaul Henning von Osterroth with Jasta 12 in March 1917.

Moving over to the right with the heavily mottled green upper fuselage is the Albatros D.V  of Paul Baumer of Jasta Boelke in January 1918. If you chose this scheme, you can use the masks for the black outline on the white portions of the tail.

The final option is an Albatros D.III of Freidrich Altemeier of Jasta 24 in July 1917.

Baumer's plane uses lozenge for the wings while the others use the large swaths of color that was so common with the Albatros.

The decals themselves are very well printed. No registration problems at all and will fit your model with no issues. The set includes a full color painting and placement guide with notes on each of the aircraft to ensure you have an accurate model.

December 2012

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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