FCM 32014: Albatros D. III/V

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Scott Van Aken

This new sheet from FCM is for the WWI modeler. Thanks to a pair of nice kits from Roden and Wingnut WIngs respectively, we have five very colorful options.

Starting from the upper right and working down we have the first two D.III versions. These both have natural wood fuselages with the top surfaces of both wings in light green, mauve, and dark green. Undersides are in a light blue.

The first plane with the broad fuselage stripe was with Jasta 5 in July of 1917. It has a green tail section outlined in red with a red nose. The fin/rudder is in blue/white Bavarian checks.

The other has an all white tail  and was piloted by Werner Voss when he was with Jasta 5 during September of 1917. It has blue outlines stripes on the upper wing.

The first D.Va is the aircraft of Wilhelm Gucke, also with Jasta 5 during February of 1918. This green spinner and green tail aircraft has lozenze on the upper and lower wings. Gucke's plane also had a large G on the underside of both lower wings.

With a bare wood fuselage, Jupp Cremer's plane, also from Jasta 5, has a green tail with red spinner. His aircraft, from January 1918 also has lozenze on the wings.

The final option is from July 1917 and also a Jasta 5 aircraft, as you can tell from the green tail. It has a grey fuselage and has Green and Mauve on the upper surface of the wings. Lower surfaces are in light blue. There are white bands that go across the upper wing. All of these aircraft have large personal markings on the fuselage side.

The decals themselves are very well printed. No registration problems at all and will fit your model with no issues. The set includes a full color painting and placement guide with notes on each of the aircraft to ensure you have an accurate model. August 2012

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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