FCM Decals # 144034: PBY Catalina Part 1
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Scott Van Aken


Among the many US types operated by the Brazilian Navy during WWII was the PBY Catalina. By providing these aircraft to Brazilian forces, it allowed them to patrol the considerable coastline for German submarines, thus augmenting the Allied war against the U-boats. Of course, many of these plane survived post war and continued to be used for maritime patrol and for SAR work. The type was also provided to other South American forces to be used post war.

This new sheet by FCM is in 1/144 and while no kit is indicated, I would think that the one by Minicraft would be the chosen option. Not sure if they do a non-amphibian version of the Catalina, but filling in the wheel wells should be easy enough.

The first option is a PBY-5 without the wheels and this one is in the older color scheme of blue/grey over light grey. It was attached to 2 Gruppo de Patrulha in 1945.

The next option is a later PBY-5A and includes the radome above the cockpit. This plane is painted in the tri-color scheme and operated by the same unit as the first option.

The third one is a post war PBY-5A with the Grupo Aeronaval de la Flota in Argentina during 1958. This one is white with large daglo red patches. The rudder and elevator stripes are in blue and white and will need to be painted in place. Also in need to be painted will be the yellow upper wing surfaces, making this a very colorful aircraft.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Microscale so you know the quality is good. There are enough common markings to do all of the subjects from the look of things. The full color instructions give not only profiles but upper and lower views as well so one can get the colors and markings just right. No specific paint company info is provided and all colors provided are generic with FS 595 references given where appropriate.

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