FCM 144030: DHC-5 Buffalo

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from our friends at FCM is the first I've seen of their 1/144 line. The sheet has four different options and is designed for the Amodel kit (the only one I know of in this scale).

Markings are provided for four aircraft of which three are shown on the scan of the instruction sheet.

Using that as a basis the left side profiles show a Canadian CC-115 in its camo scheme as flown by 442 Squadron in 1988.

The upper right aircraft is a white over grey Brazilian aircraft with the full color rudder stripes and the nice upper wing and tail orange stripes as from by 1/19 Gruppo in 1976. Some of these aircraft were later camouflaged in a SEA scheme that looks very nice and is the subject of a 1/1 Gruppo aircraft from 2002 with the smaller insignia.

The fourth option is from Ecuador with the Grupo de. Aviacion del Ejecito 45 at Quito in 1998. This one is two shades of green with a light grey underside.

The decals are printed by Microscale and are fairly well done, though I noticed some minor registration issues with some of the smaller markings and the Ecuador roundels.

FCM instructions are very well done showing upper and lower surface camo schemes as well as the right and left side where appropriate. No specific paint company is listed with all the colors also having FS 595 equivalents, a real help when getting paints.

In all a great sheet and it is nice to have an option to kit decals.

April 2010

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet.

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