RIO 7205 Staffel, Gruppe, & Geschwader markings

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Scott Van Aken


It has been several years since the last batch of decals arrived from FCM, and in this latest group was this interesting offering. Seems like FCM has branched off a bit with a line called RIO decals. Apparently this line is for general markings, based on the single sheet they sent.

This one is for the 1/72 modeler and includes a variety of German WWII Staffel, Gruppe, and Geschwader markings. These are those geometric designs frequently seen on fighters. This set is sized for the Bf-109 and FW-190, though I'm sure you could use these on some of the other types that saw service.

The decals are nicely printed by Serigraf, which seems to have taken over from their previous printer, Microscale. I've not used this brand before but I have no doubt that they are thin and will work well. There is no specific instructions for them, but the cover sheet provides a variety of examples on both the front and the back. In all, it is a welcome sheet for the 1/72 modeler and should prove to be useful.

August 2022

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