FCM 72045: A-20B/C/K

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Scott Van Aken

During WWII, the US provided a goodly number of aircraft to Brazil for their assistance in fighting the war. One of those types was the A-20, with mostly the last variant produced, the A-20K being supplied. Thanks to the production of a book on Brazilian A-20s, FCM has produced a sheet on the subject. Two, actually and this is the 1/72 version.

There are six markings options on the sheet covering a variety of aircraft. Let me start with the Brazilian planes. There are three options for those including one in standard USAAF camouflage and fully armed. This A-20K served with the 2 Grupo de Bobardeil Leve in 1945.

The other two are both converted to photo recon planes with cameras in the bomb bay. These planes have no turret armament and the chin guns have been removed. The OD/Neutral Grey camo has been overpainted with large areas of light sand. Note that these two do not carry fuselage insignia. They were assigned to 1/10 GpAv in 1953. In Brazilian service they were redesignated R-20s.

There is a single SAAF Boston III in standard desert camo and operated by 12 squadron in East Africa during 1942.

Finally, a pair of USAAF planes with a lot of the airframe overpainted with Desert Pink. Botha are with the 47th Bomb Group in 1943 and this overpainting includes parts of the national insignia. One is an A-20 B while the second is an A-20C. This second airplane has what appears to be RAF style

The instructions are very well done and on a higher quality paper than previous sheets. Color information is generic and FS 595 with both upper and lower painting guides provided. June 2018

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