FCM 72024: P-40s Galore

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Scott Van Aken

This is the third of the new 1/72 P-40 decals from FCM. There is quite a variety on this sheet and it includes seven different options. There are a variety of kits available for this sheet including Academy, Hasegawa. AZ Models, Legato, Sword, and Hobby Boss. The instructions provide a chart for you in this regard.

Starting in the upper right and working down we have the first option wich is Nathanial Blanton's  P-40N when he was assigned to the 7th FS in 1943. This one is in OD over Neutral Grey with New Guinea ID markings. This consists of a while wing leading edge and a white rear fuselage/FIn. Note that the horizonatal stabls are not white. i

Next is a Finnish Air Force P-40M. THis was captured from the Russians and put into service in 1944. Standard US OD over Neutral Grey with Eastern Front yellow markings.

Moving to the desert is this P-40L named 'lighthouse louie' as flown by Gordon Austin with the 317 FS/325 FG in Tunisia in 1943. It is in dark earth and middlestone over azure blue.

Another desert scheme plane is a Kitty Hawk IA as flown by 112 Squadron in Egypt during 1942.

Going back to the Southeast Pacific, is another 7 FS P-40N from New Britain in 1944. IN this case the entire tail is white as is the main landing gear door. Spinner is white and red.

From 1943 is this other 7 FS plane from 1943. It has only a part of the rear fuselage and fin in white and carries the short-lived red boarder insignia.

Finally, an early war P-40E with the 33FG based at Baltimore, MD in 1942. This one has a British paint scheme with a white forward cowling and spinner. 

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. There are enough data markings for four planes and enough insignia for just about all of them. The instructions are in full color and provide complete painting and placement information. 

Sheets like this are what motivate me to build kits and I can easily recommend this one to you.

September 2014

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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