FCM 72023: 1/14 G.Av P-40s

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Scott Van Aken

For their second P-40 sheet, FCM concentrates on the aircraft that served in Brazil. In this case it is with the 1/14th Group of Aviation Squadron 'Papa'. This unit is probably one of the longest serving P-40 units in the world, operating their planes until 1954, a remarkable longevity. Though not the only P-40 unit in Brazil, this one at one time had up to 55 different aircraft.

Early aircraft were in the usual olive drab over neutral grey. Spinners were OD in the front and white in the back. All Brazilian P-40s with this unit had the green and yellow rudder stripes. Later planes had their paint stripped and had black anti-glare panels on the nose.

There are ten different options on this sheet, the majority of them in unpainted metal. Most of them are P-40Ns (later F-40N) with one F-40K and one F-40M. These planes differed primarily in terms of either colors on the spinner or colored fuselage bands or colored wheel hubs. These are provided on the decal sheet. There are enough data markings for four planes and enough rudder stripes for two. Enough insignia for three planes with a couple of spares are provided as well.

Kits are not an issue with Academy and Hasegawa providing options. The sheet itself is superbly printed. Instructions are in full color and provide a complete data placement guide. If you are a P-40 fan and are looking for some different options for your display shelf, well this is a sheet for you.

September 2014

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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