FCM 72022: P-40 Galore

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first of three P-40 sheets in 1/72 scale from FCM. THere are seven different aircraft on this sheet, covering a variety of types. FCM has a listing of suggested kits including Academy, Zvezda, Hasegawa and Revell. For some reason, the new Airfix P-40B/C is not included and I'll be willing to bet that most modelers will choose that for the early variants.

So, starting from the top right and going down the page, here is what is on the sheet.

First up is a Brazilian P-40M based at Natal in Brazil during 1943. It is in the standard OD over Neutral Grey scheme with a sharkmouth.

Next is a Soviet P-40M with the 191 IAP . In addition to the standard scheme, this one has a white fin/rudder and spinner. Unusual among Soviet planes are upper wing insignia.

In a British scheme is a P-40E of Clyde Kinsley with the 7th FS in New Guinea during 1943. 'Typhoon McGoon' has a blue and white spinner as well as a completely white empennage.

The fourth option is a P-40C of the 55th PS based in the US during 1941. While spinner and a pair of command stripes add some color.

'Dottie II' is the next option, this P-40E is in a British scheme with the 8th FS in New Guinea during 1943. This one is sown with a white spinner and red forward cowling and lower side panels.

In an overall Dark Sea Grey scheme is 'Jinx', a P-40K with the 25th FS based in India during 1944. The underside of this plane is in Light Gull Grey.

Finally, a P-40C with the 33rd PS based in the US during 1941. This one has a red spinner and forward nose.

The decal sheet is superbly printed by Microscale. There are data markings for four aircraft and enough insignia for four options. A full data placement guide is included along with FCM's usual superb color placement and markings guide.

September 2014

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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