FCM 48048: AMX/A-1A/B/M

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Scott Van Aken

This is a sheet I've been anticipating for quite a while. Now all I need to do is find the kit! The set includes markings for 20 different aircraft. 17 are Brazilian and 3 are Italian. I have only shown the front page of the instructions so you can check out the FCM web site for all the rest.

The Italian planes are with the 2nd and 51st Stormo and include the newer 51st Stormo tail markings. These planes are from 2007 and 2009 and are in an overall light grey.

Brazil calls its AMXs the A-1. There are three variants covered on the sheet from all the units that have ever operated the type. The A-1A is the initial production version and these are in a dark grey over a lighter grey. Some of these planes operated during the time that tail codes were used. The A-1B is the two seat version and there are six schemes for those planes. Later, the A-1As in service were upgraded to A-1M standards. These can be easily picked out as they have a slightly longer and more pointy nose. Included in with the A-1Ms is one with special markings for the 30th anniversary. These planes and some of the earlier variants will have all low visibility insignia.

FCM provides a full selection of insignia for the Brazilian planes with five different variations. There are enough insignia for one Italian plane. You will notice that there are lots of data markings provided. There are at least three different styles/colors of rescue markings provided and what looks like enough stencils for more than one plane.

This all seems confusing, but the multiple, full color pages of the instruction sheet include a comprehensive stencil guide to help you determining which ones go with which of the markings options. The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and for those who have waited for a comprehensive sheet for the Brazilian AMX, your wait is over.

November 2015

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