FCM 48063 Super Tucano EMB-314

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Scott Van Aken

The EMB-314 Super Tucano is a real Brazilian success story. Based on their original EMB-312 Tucano, the Super Tucano has sold extremely well in the export market, where a light attack/trainer aircraft is required. Its ease of handling and fairly low maintenance requirements make it perfect for those nations that need a capable light attack aircraft that can double as a trainer aircraft.

This is at least the third EMB-314 sheet that FCM has produced. I used their first sheet when I did my Hobbyboss Super Tucano and found the decals to be excellent. This sheet only adds to the options provided on the first one. There are five options from four nations on this sheet.

First is a special scheme plane of the Brazilian Air Force. I'm not sure what it represents, but it could be the 90th anniversary of a squadron. BTW, the aircraft is called the A-29B in Brazilian service.

Next is a two tone grey plane from Turkmenistan in 2020.

The third is the first of two Nigerian Air Force aircraft. This one is in a light desert scheme. The other, not shown, is in a more jungle-oriented scheme. Note that Nigerian planes have additional armor plating on the fuselage sides below the cockpit.

Finally a green/tan/black over very light blue aircraft of the Angolan Air Force. This one has a fierce shark mouth.

Most modelers will choose the HobbyBoss kit, though there is a very nice, and a bit more accurate resin version produced in Brazil.

The decals are superbly printed by Serigraf and the instructions are very nicely done and include a full stencil placement guide. Instructions also include upper surface views as well as underside ones and dimensions to help with painting. There are a number of places that sell FCM decals, so check the web for your nearest dealer.

May 2023

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