FCM 32034: A-7E "VA-147 Argonauts"

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This is a nice offering from FCM. It covers the use of the A-7E Corsair II by VA-147 from the first time they received the aircraft until they transitioned to the legacy Hornet. Since then, the squadron has flown the super bug and recently transitioned to the F-35C. They will shortly be moving to Japan to be forward deployed with CAG 5 at MCAS Iwakuni (I guess the air wing has left Atsugi).  The aircraft on this sheet cover the period from 1974 until 1988.

Five options are provided with three of them in light gull grey over white and the other two in the low visibility scheme of dark ghost grey over light ghost grey. Fill color insignia and stencils are not included. One either uses the kit decals for this or obtains FCM 32033 for that purpose. The low visibility insignia and some of the markings are provided on the decals. As you can see, you get multiple sheets along with a small addendum sheet. 

The colorful aircraft include a CAG bird from the USS Constellation in 1975. Also with the Connie is a standard line bird from 1974. The other high visibility plane is from the USS Kitty Hawk in 1984.

The first low visibility option is also from the USS Kitty Hawk in 1984. Finally a USS Nimitz aircraft from 1988. As you can see, lots of options. This set is designed for the only 1/32 A-7E available and that is the one from Trumpeter. There are aftermarket bits to deal with the misshapen intake and the somewhat Spartan cockpit.

Overall, a nice selection in one set. It would be nice to see this in smaller scales, but only time will tell if that is the case.

April 2024

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