FCM 32024: Bf-109E/F/G

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Scott Van Aken

109s are a popular subject with modelers so it is not surprising that we see a goodly number of decal sheets dedicated to them. It is undoubtedly because of the wide variety of camouflage schemes that makes this so and the type has been well catered to by model makers. This is true in 1/32 scale as much as the smaller scales.

This new sheet from FCM provides six interesting schemes on a variety of sub-types.

First up is a 109E-7/trop of Franz Elles of 1/JG 27 in Libya during 1941. Desert camo on this one with large green patches. Probably Italian paints.

Second is a Bf-109F-4 of Victor Bauer of 9.?JG 3 in Russia during 1942. This plane is in a variety of colors with a scheme peculiar to this unit at this time.

The 109G-2 that is #3 is Hannet Trautloft's plane from JG 54 in Russia during 1942. This unit also had interesting and non-standard camouflage on its aircraft.

From 1941 and Sicily is the Adjutant's 109E-1 from III/JG.27. Standard camo with yellow nose and rudder.

In a factory applied desert scheme is Franz Schwaiger's 6./JG 3 plane when in Libya during 1942. This is an F-4 variant.

Finally another 109F-4 that is in standard camouflage. It was assigned to Frank Liesendahl of 10(Jabo)/JG2 when based in France during 1942. It carries a rather large billboard of kills on the rudder.

There are enough insignia for two planes and data for one. Instructions are very well done and provide both sides of several aircraft as well as upper images. You can always glean additional from the kit you are using. Hasegawa, Eduard, and Hobby Boss/Trumpeter do 109s in this scale so you have a lot of choices.

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale so you know the quality is there. There are a number of places that sell FCM decals, so check the web for your nearest dealer.

November 2018

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