FCM 32023: MiG-3

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Scott Van Aken

This very nice set is for the only 1/32 kit of this plane of which I am aware, and that is by Trumpeter. There seven options on the sheet with one, in overall white, not being shown. All of the planes have light blue AII (and that is aii in caps) blue for the undersides. The upper surfaces could be in either AII black, AII green (which is a fairly light shade) or AII dark green. The sheet provides what it thinks are suitable FS 595 equivalents. I would suggest trying to find specific Soviet WW2 color sets.

Starting from the top left we have white 40 in the black and green scheme.

Beneath it is one with a patriotic slogan painted in the two greens.

The winter camo plane was part of the Moscow defense in 1941/42

White 12 is in dark green on the upper surfaces and part of the Black Sea fleet in 1943.

Yellow 21 is in the two greens and also with the Black Sea fleet in 1943

Finally there is white 54. This one was based in the Pacific and has a green and tan scheme with black lines painted roughly at or near the demarcation areas between the two colors.

This superbly printed sheet contains a ton of insignia so you could probably do several aircraft wit this sheet. The decals themselves are nicely done by Microscale.

March 2018

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