Fox 1 48-017: Air Guard Vipers at War




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Scott Van Aken



We all know that regular run-of-the-mill ANG aircraft rarely make it to decal sheets. "Not significant enough..", is the usual excuse. Well, Fox One decals has managed to find the current wars to be significant enough to justify doing a sheet of ANG F-16s. These aircraft were involved in the many conflicts that have occurred since the end of the Cold War in 1991. As such, they either carry mission marks or some sort of additional artwork that make them more than just the standard aircraft. All of these planes have participated in the Middle East conflicts of 2002 and 2003.

The planes are from four different ANG units and are basically painted in the same modified F-16 scheme of two greys: FS 36118 upper and 36270 undersides. These will not have the orange data markings on them and will probably be without the wing walk areas. Doesn't mean they are without stencils, but since the planes will have been repainted, those markings that were considered redundant or unnecessary will not have been replaced.

In unit order there are two planes from the 107 FS, Michigan ANG. Like all the planes on this sheet, they are F-16C/D versions. In the case of the 107th, you have one of each. The D model has some nose art as 'Captain America', while the C model is 'The Hulk'.

Next is the 113 FS, Indiana ANG. Both of these are C models and the Boss Bird carries the name 'Indy 500'.

From the 120 FS, Colorado ANG come two planes, both with mission markings; one called 'Rocky Mountain Thunder' and the other 'Terminator'.

Finally, the 175 FS, South Dakota ANG. This unit is known for its nose art and these aircraft are no exception, with -466 being called 'Satan' and the other, 'Speedy'.

The nose art decals are superbly reproduced by Archer Fine Transfers. Instructions are superb showing proper placement as well as other information on these planes. In all, a really fine set of decals and one that I'm sure is most welcome by ANG enthusiasts.

Thanks to Dave Cook for supplying the review sheet. Dave was crew chief on 86-260 of the 113 FS, which was lost in a mid-air earlier this year.

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