Fox One 48-005: B-1B Lancer

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Scott Van Aken


Those of you who have bought the gargantuan Revell/Monogram B-1B are undoubtedly looking for some sort of alternate markings and this sheet is just the ticket. All aircraft are from the 1998 time frame so are in the easy to paint overall gunship grey FS 36118 scheme, with a 36081 radome. The sheet also includes a smaller sheet of stencils which will come in very handy.

First is from the 9th BS/7BW called 'Deadly Intentions'. This plane partook in 'Desert Fox' during 1998 and was the first time the plane was used in any sort of combat situation, having missed Desert Storm due to technical deficiencies that grounded most of the fleet.

Next is 'Black Hills Sentinel' from the 37th BS/28th BW at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota. It also was used in Desert Fox. This plane was later used during Operation Allied Force against Jugoslavia in 1999, but no unit insignia nor nose art was used at that time.

'On Defense' is from the 28th BS/7 BW from Dyess AFB in Texas. A replacement tail band without the blue surround has been provided.

Finally, from the 127th BS/184th BW, Kansas ANG (now flying something else since the B-1s are no longer in the guard), comes 'Wichita Thunder' names for the A/C commander who is a guard with the Wichita Thunder hockey team!

Review sheet courtesy of my dwindling bank account.

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