Exito Decals 48011: Pacific Warriors

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Scott Van Aken

This next set from Exito Decals covers three aircraft that operated during the Pacific War. It covers all three of the main USAAF fighters that were involved. These are all fairly common aircraft and so finding kits for these will not be an issue.

The initial offering is a P-51D of the 457th FS/506 FG based on Iwo Jima in the last months of the war. It has no name but it does have nose art, which is something all three of the options have. This aircraft has a green rear fuselage/fin/tailplanes with the rudder and elevators in aluminum dope.

Second is a P-40N 'Mary Lou' of the 8th FS/49th FG in early 1944. This plane was based in New Guinea at the time. Typical of planes in that theater it has a white rear fuselage/fin as well as white leading edge to the wings. It has a yellow/black/yellow spinner and a yellow fin tip with a black stripe below it.

The final option is a P-38L named 'Jean Creamer' with the 36th FS/8th FG. It has a black/white/black spinner and a white fin tip with black stripe. It was based at Ie Shima in the last months of the Pacific War.

Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf. What makes this set truly unique is that each of the markings options' placement diagrams are really full size color prints suitable for framing. The front gives left and right while on the back are upper and underside images as well as notes and sometimes a photo or two of the aircraft in question. Paint references are with AK and Mr Hobby Color, but most brands make the shades used.

March 2021

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