Exito Decals 48005: Sweet Fourteens

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Scott Van Aken

This is new sheet from Exito Decals is undoubtedly timed to take advantage of the recent Airfix release of the Spit XIV. All three options are the e wing and they are all post war.

First up is a 416 squadron (RCAF) plane based at Uetersen, Germany in early 1946. This aircraft has a white spinner, white valve cover fairings and a partial red check fuselage band.

Another RCAF unit is with 443 squadron, also in 1946 at the same base as the first option. This one does not have any fuselage band and has a yellow spinner spiral. It is difficult to tell if the fuselage codes on these first two options are sky or white so you have both options provided.

The third is a SEAC plane based in India during 1946. It has the standard SEAC bands and very small insignia.

Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and this sheet is also available in 1/72 scale. What makes this set truly unique is that each of the markings options' placement diagrams are really full size color prints suitable for framing. The front gives left and right while on the back are upper and underside images as well as notes and sometimes a photo or two of the aircraft in question. Paint references are with AK and Mr Hobby Color, but most brands make the shades used.

October 2019

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